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7kt27 days ago#7
Reply to: #5 Lenny B
Good idea, I'll try to develop this feature.
Do you have any screenshots of the watched thumbnail overlay?
somedumbfuck1 month ago#6
is there any way to bring back the "old buttons" checkbox? Although I know it's probably hell to code most-likely.
Lenny B1 month ago#5
Could you add an option for watched videos to show say watched (like it was in 2015) instead of becoming grayscale
South6581 month ago#4
you can make a 2013 - 2019 version, I am so fan from old internet!
Markimoo27182 months ago#3
could you do this to the youtube menu button like in 2015 https://www.webdesignmuseum.org/uploa...e-2015.jpg
jean l'ami de jacques tremblay18 hours ago#19
i love it i put it on every computer i use, it's super usefull! Smile
gay2 days ago#18
does not work on windows 7 firefox please fix it
НеГитлер3 days ago#17
Интерфейс слишком мелкий и на главной странице не отображается видео
Тамерлан8 days ago#16
sonicthehedgehog9 days ago#15
i dont like new youtube