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7ktTube 2016 Redux

Author: 7kt
Publisher's Official Homepage: Visit Website
Category: YouTube Userscript
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Installing and running this script requires:
Violentmonkey (recommended) or
Tampermonkey extension to be installed in your browser!

Android Devices:
Kiwi browser
fully supported! (toggle Desktop version in the browser menu)

Join 7ktTube Discord server for news, support, bugreporting etc.

Available settings:

• Change YouTube header logo
• Disable video previews when mouse over thumbnails
• Make the search-bar smaller and position to the left
• Grey-out thumbnails indicator for watched video
• Blur watched video thumbnails
• Hide category bar on homepage
• Hide category bar in "video up next column"
• auto collapse "guide" menu by default
• Customizable thumbnail size at home page
• Customizable thumbnail size in search
• Hide suggestion blocks
• Hide channel banners
• Change header logo target link
• Multiple static video player sizes to choose from
• Square Profile pictures
• Hide queue button when when mouse over thumbnail
• And a lot more! check the GUI screenshot belowfor

Access the settings menu by clicking this new icon that will appear after installation:

 Click to enlarge!


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