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7ktTube is a user script that restores YouTubes old layout from 2016
- it's a powerful yet simple GUI including layout customization and new features


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2022-11-08Version 4.0.3

 • Added option to use 7ktTube logo in header 
• Fixed thumbnails in queue list being cropped and way to small when using feature "smaller thumbnails on watch page 
• Fixed popup user settings menu to display properly. 
• Removed border-radius on a lot table and thumbnail elements

2022-11-03Version 4.0.1

• Fixed broken feature: disable category bar on Home page
 • Restored red watch progress bar on thumbnails.

2022-11-03Version 4.0.0

 • New version for YouTube's latest UI.

2022-07-19Version 3.6.4

 • Replaced the old url on Downloads Page button in settings page to the new 7kt.se url.
 • Altered 7ktTube Settings button in top header to open settings in a new tab/window.
 • Altered 7ktTube Save Settings button to only Save Settings (no longer closes settings page) 
 • Altered 7ktTube Close Settings button label and background-color.
 • Altered 7ktTube Close settings button function  history.back(); to window.close()); since settings now open in a new tab/window

2022-07-17Version 3.6.3

 • Fixed thumbnails on search not displaying correct sizes.
 • Fixed the Volume control icon position on player
 • Divided the hide filter categories into 2 separate.. Hide on home page / Hide on watch page 
 • Changed some of the settings page pictures and uploaded the rest to 7kt.se so they're not dependency of discord web-storage any longer.
 • + A lot of minor CSS tweaks..